The Vegetarian Caesarian Session

by Nathan Auville & Chad E. Williams

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In early 1991 on a rather warm afternoon I got together with my friend Nathan Auville, a guitarist and writer, at his midtown apartment to create "something" on his recently acquired four track recorder. Using some old stomp boxes, guitars, a multi effects processor with a pitch shifter, a cheap mic, and some other toys we overdubbed music, sounds, voice, and whatever else we could fit in and created The Vegetarian Caesarian Session.

On one track Nathan read from his book of poetry, skipping back and forth between pages - a variation of the cut-up writing method. On another track we beat on whatever we could find in the apartment and made percussive noises. It was all improvised and inspired by nothing other than the moment or by listening and reacting to the track we just recorded.

Later it was poorly mixed and ended up on various noisy, hiss ridden cassette tapes passed around among friends. The recording methods and duplication process were rather primitive, leaving the mix flat, dull, and hard to hear.

Sometime in 2001 I did a new mix of the piece after it was found that the original four-track master tape was in poor shape. After many hours of tweaking the new mix brought out so much more of what we always knew was there in the recording but still the sound suffered from hiss and unwanted noise.

Now in 2012 we are happy to present both the original 1991 version and the 2001 re-mix: both of which have been sonically enhanced and remastered - removing the unwanted noise and muck so you can actually hear what we were doing (good or bad).

Hard to believe this was 21 years ago....


released February 1, 1991

Original recording by Nathan Auville and Chad E. Williams
Voice and Words: Auville Music: Auville/Williams
All versions produced and engineered by Chad E. Williams
at Nonconformist Muffin Phase 1, Phase 5, and Phase 7: The Hagginwood Pit.



all rights reserved


Chad E. Williams Sacramento

Composer, musician, snappy dresser.

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